We help issuers take advantage of the benefits of Regulation Crowdfunding combined with the tokenization trend.

We are the inventors of the Mini-STO: a Security Token Offering where the issuer is using Reg CF as the exemption for registration.

The Mini-STO might be better suited for many companies because both the upfront costs and time needed to have the offering ready to accept investor the could be up to 20 times smaller. Of course, the max amount raise is “only” one million. We said “only” because one million USD could be more than enough funds for many entrepreneurs. Then, the entrepreneur might be able to raise more money via an STO (Reg A+) because they will have some more traction and experience.

Our Team

Vincent Petrescu

Co-Founder and CEO
CPA/MBA with prior experience as as CEO, CFO, and COO. Experience with multiple startups and one exit.

Claudia Ecobici

Co-Founder and CMO
MBA/MS Sorbonne University. Ten years marketing and startup experience, with three dedicated to equity crowdfunding.

Magda Alexe

20 years experienced frontend/backend architect. Designed/Built first licensed & operational intrastate equity crowdfunding portal in the U.S.


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